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Fresh Produce Distribution At Its Best!

We are happy to provide our customers with the most fresh, healthy and flavorful fruits and vegetables arriving daily from various majestic Mexican regions and produced by our experienced partner growers who are fully committed to ensure the highest quality standards in all aspects of their operation and production process.

Zucchini Squash.jpg

Zucchini Squash


After years of forging solid business relationships

based on trust and respect with a group of Mexican

farmers located in the Northwest of Mexico, Hermy

Torres and Manny Fajardo decided to start their

own fruit and vegetable distribution operation in

Nogales, Arizona, under the name iDeal HarBest.

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To exceed our customer expectations by consistently providing them with fruits and vegetables under iDeal freshness, quality and safety conditions while maximizing the return of investment to our grower partners through optimum levels of marketing and distribution services.


To become the preferred fruit and vegetable distributor for growers and customers in North America.



60 E Terminal Produce Dr

Nogales, AZ 85621


Over 40 years in the fresh produce distribution industry

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